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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

52 Books in 52 Weeks in 2009

Ok, so I'm a little late to the game... but I found this group, 52 Books in 52 Weeks, on Ravelry and joined. You challenge yourself to read 52 books in 52 weeks in 2009.

So that's about a book a week. I should be able to do that! My problem is reading and knitting at the same time. I haven't quite mastered that yet. But I did find out that books on CDs count! woohoo!! I can knit during the day and listen to a book. And then, I can read a book at night! Sounds like some good time management to me.

So my plan is to link this post to a picture on the sidebar and update it with the books I've read each month. So check back later to see how I'm doing.

12/30/09 ETA: I'm happy to report I've surpassed the goal of 52 Books in 52 Weeks. My total for 2009 comes to 91 books! woohoo!!

Books read in December:
91. Evermore: The Immortal Series, Alyson Noel, 12/23/09

Books read in November:
90. Larceny and Lace, Annette Blair, 11/19/09
89. Kiss of Fire, Deborah Cooke, 11/15/09
88. On the Edge, Ilona Andrews, 11/12/09
87. A Touch of Dead, Charlaine Harris, 11/9/09
86. Dead Man Talking, Casey Daniels, 11/7/09

Books read in October:
85. Doom With a View, Victoria Laurie, 10/31/09
84. A Harvest of Bones, Yasmine Galenorn, 10/20/09
83. Unhallowed Ground, Heather Graham, 10/17/09
82. Dark Slayer (audio), Christine Feehan, 10/16/09
81. Laced With Magic, Barbara Bretton, 10/13/09
80. Thai Dyed, Monica Ferris, 10/6/09

Books read in September:
79. Max (audio), James Patterson, 9/25/09
78. Never Been Witched, Annette Blair, 9/20/09
77. The Scot, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Annette Blair, 9/18/09
76. Glass Houses (the Morganville Vampires), Rachel Caine, 9/17/09
75. My Favorite Witch, Annette Blair, 9/15/09
74. The Kitchen Witch, Annette Blair, 9/14/09
73. Gone With the Witch, Annette Blair, 9/13/09
72. Sex and the Psychic Witch, Annette Blair, 9/11/09
71. Greedy Bones, Carolyn Haines, 9/9/09
70. Divine Evil, Nora Roberts, 9/6/09
69. A Veiled Deception, Annette Blair, 9/5/09
68. Homicide in Hardcover, Kate Carlisle, 9/1/09

Books read in August:
67. Finger Lickin' Fifteen, Janet Evanovich, 8/28/09
66. Dealing With Murder, Elaine Flinn, 8/27/09
65. Dead As a Scone, Ron & Janet Benrey, 8/21/09
64. Summer On Blossom Street (audio), Debbie Macomber, 8/19/09
63. Angel's Advocate, Mary Stanton, 8/18/09
62. Watch the Skies: Daniel X series (audio), James Patterson w/Ned Rust, 8/14/09
61. Secondhand Spirits, Juliet Blackwell, 8/13/09
60. Undead and Unwelcome, Mary Janice Davidson, 8/9/09
59. Once Dead, Twice Shy: Madison Avery series (audio), Kim Harrison, 8/8/09
58. 4th of July: Women's Murder Club (audio), James Patterson w/Maxine Paetro, 8/7/09
57. Maximum Ride: The Final Warning (audio), James Patterson, 8/6/09
56. Dust to Dust, Heather Graham, 8/1/09

Books read in July:
55. Huntress (Omnibus), Jenna Maclaine and others, 7/31/09
54. Marked: House of Night series (audio), P C Cast & Kristen Cast, 7/29/09
53. Scent to Her Grave, Yasmine Galenorn writing as India Ink, 7/26/09
52. Devil May Ride, a Ghost Duster Mystery, Wendy Roberts, 7/23/09
51. Murder Under a Mystic Moon, Yasmine Galenorn, 7/21/09
50. Legend of the Jade Dragon, Yasmine Galenorn, 7/20/09
49. Blood Magic, Jennifer Lyon, 7/16/09

Books read in June:
48. Knitting Bones, Monica Ferris, 6/30/09
47. The Haunted Lady, Mary Roberts Rinehart, 6/28/09
46. Demon Mistress, Yasmine Galenorn, 6/24/09
45. The Dangerous Days of Daniel X (audio), James Patterson w/Michael Ledwidge, 6/24/09
44. Many Bloody Returns, Charlaine Harris, et al, 6/20/09
43. Witch Heart, Anya Bast, 6/17/09
42. Odd Hours (audio), Dean Koontz, 6/16/09
41. Plum Spooky (audio), Janet Evanovich, 6/10/09
40. Fleece Navidad, Maggie Sefton, 6/9/09
39. White Witch, Black Curse (audio), Kim Harrison, 6/4/09
38. Ghost at Work, Carolyn Hart, 6/2/09
37. Grave Sins, A Cin Craven Novel, Jenna Maclaine, 6/1/09

Books read in May:
36. Inkheart (audio), Cornelia Funke, 5/26/09
35. Wages of Sin, A Cin Craven Novel, Jenna Maclaine, 5/21/09
34. NightKeepers, A Novel of the Final Prophecy, Jessica Andersen, 5/18/09
33. Dissolution (audio), C. J. Sansom, 5/18/09
32. The Silver Needle Murder, Laura Childs, 5/17/09
31. Ghouls Just Haunt to Have Fun, Victoria Laurie, 5/5/09
30. 3rd Degree (audio), James Patterson w/Andrew Cross, 5/4/09
29. The Remains of the Dead, a Ghost Dusters Mystery, Wendy Roberts, 5/3/09

Books read in April:
28. Casting Spells, Barbara Bretton, 4/30/09
27. Blood Lite, an Anthology of Humorous Horror Stories, Charlaine Harris & Others, 4/28/09
26. Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports (audio), James Patterson, 4/22/09
25. Bookmarked For Death, Lorna Barrett, 4/20/09
24. Magic Strikes, Ilona Andrews, 4/10/09
23. You're the One That I Haunt, Terri Garey, 4/8/09
22. Stay the Night, Lynn Viehl, 4/5/09

Books read in March:
21. Night Huntress, Yasmine Galenorn, 3/30/09
20. Dark Curse (audio), Christine Feehan, 3/29/09
19. Eggs in Purgatory (A Cackleberry Club Mystery), Laura Childs, 3/23/09
18. Promises in Death, J.D. Robb, 3/8/09
17. Ghost of a Chance, Yasmine Galenorn, 3/7/09
16. Defending Angels, Mary Stanton, 3/4/09
15. Size 12 is Not Fat (audio), Meg Cabot, 3/3/09

Books read in February:
14. Salvation in Death, J.D. Robb, 2/28/09
13. The Witch's Grave, Shirley Damsgaard, 2/27/09
12. Dark Night, Dark Dreams, Savannah Russe, 2/26/09
11. 2nd Chance (audio), James Patterson w/Andrew Cross, 2/26/09
10. Dark Possession (audio), Christine Feehan, 2/20/09
9. Dead After Dark, Kenyon, Ward, Squires, Love, 2/12/09
8. Maximum Ride: School's Out--Forever (audio), James Patterson, 2/9/09
7. 1st to Die (audio), James Patterson, 2/6/09

Books read in January:
6. Night of the Loving Dead, Casey Daniels, 1/31/09
5. The Death Dealer, Heather Graham, 1/23/09
4. CSI NY: Four Walls, Keith R.A. DeCandido, 1/20/09
3. CSI: Nevada Rose, Jerome Preisler, 1/15/09
2. Acheron, Sherrilyn Kenyon, 1/9/09
1. Mysteria Lane, Omnibus by P C Cast, Mary Janice Davidson, Susan Grant, and Gena Showalter, 1/2/09

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smariek said...

You're off to a great start! I could never join this, I would fail miserably. I do like audio books while knitting. I'm currently listening to LOTR3, 16 CDs, at about 1.5 hrs per disc (I think), really no way I could finish that in one week. LOTR1 was 16 CDs, LOTR2 was 14 CDs. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell was 26 CDs. Maybe I need to choose shorter books, lol.