Seduce: to win over; attract

Yarn seduces me with her siren call. "Pick me! Pick me!" I am hopelessly enchanted by yarn and am delighted by the endless choices.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back to normal...

almost?! (as normal as we can be)

We have been busy moving into our house and we finally feel like we've gotten a lot done and can take a break. The stuff is out of storage and sitting in our garage. All the stuff is out of the RV. We got the bed put together, we have a couch to sit on, and I went grocery shopping so we now have food to cook.

Yes, I do remember how to cook!! For our first meal, I made grilled cheese and tomato soup. (hey! what can I say, we like it) It was my first time cooking on a glass, flat top electric stove. It works well. I'll just have to remember how to cook on an electric stove because we've had a gas stove for many years.

And, I did get a little knitting done in between lining shelves and putting stuff away.

I finished the right sock for the Sockdown! Mar kal, Blackrose. And I started the left sock. I think I have a good chance of finishing these socks before the end of April.

I have so much going on I will probably will skip Sockdown! Apr. (but you never know...)

I almost forgot to start my scarf for the OT: FGF Insanity queue-a-long. We have until the end of Mar to start something from our ravelry queue. I have been trying to find the right pattern for this sumptuous yarn and may have found it ...

Old Shale Scarf by Tiennie. I am using a superwash merino and bamboo blend from Gaia's Colours. The yarn has a nice sheen to it and a lush feel; it is wonderful to knit with it. I am using the same yarn, different color, for my Blackrose socks.

About the Baby Surprise Jacket...

I have all the knitting done. Now I just have to sew the shoulder seams and add the buttons. The sweater is a little big for a newborn (Braiden, born Mar 27th) but I think I'll give it to him anyway. He can wear it next fall.

Now that I've made this surprise jacket, I may have to try one for an adult. BUT, that is way in the future. I have some other projects to get done first!


Marilyn in NM said...

I've been wanting to knit a BSJ for quite awhile. I even bought the video and just haven't started it. For some reason I feel so intimidated by it but yours is so pretty I may just get my yarn, needles and video back out to get started.
Marilyn in NM

smariek said...

Babies grow so fast, you'll be surprised how soon he'll get to wear that sweater!

Pretty socks, lovely color. The whole Sockdown thing is a bit too much for me right now, but I'd like to participate someday.