Seduce: to win over; attract

Yarn seduces me with her siren call. "Pick me! Pick me!" I am hopelessly enchanted by yarn and am delighted by the endless choices.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A few finished projects

I love these side to side shawls.  I started another one.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy July 4th!

Have a safe holiday

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Another Year past! (again)

well, guess time has flown by again
so here are some socks I've finished

I have been busy this past year but I'll leave that story for another day.
Happy Knitting!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Month

Time seems to get away from me and next thing I know a month has gone by!
I guess time does fly when you're having fun.

Having start"itis", for April I started a new bag

Essential Tote by Ana Cohen, yarn: Imperial Yarn Native Twist

two new shawls...

Shoalmates Shawl by Heather Anderson, yarn: Manos del Uruguary Alegria color Fondo Del Mar

Reflections by Mira Cole, yarn: Baah Platinum color Grey Onyx and Framboise

Fingerless Mitts...

Dragon Hide Mitts by Karen Troyer Ladman, yarn: Lana Gatto Feeling color Red

Two Headbands (one finished)

Drops 112-41 by Drops Design, yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Liberty Wool Light color 6628

Drops 112-41 by Drops Design, yarn: Lana Gatto  Feeling, color Blue

I've worked a little bit on the mate to Jazz Strings socks, Full Spectrum Shawl, and Smorgasbord Cowl. I'll show pictures of them when I get them finished.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

More ice... coming

Since I last blogged:

I finished a felted bag 

I finished a piece of needlepoint 
I haven't decide if I'll frame it or how I'll have it finished.

I started two pairs of socks, a cowl, and a headband. 

We've had more cold weather followed by warm and again cold. The last time with terrible ice. And since it looked deceivingly wet (not icy), I went out and slipped and fell. Luckily nothing was broken just a sprain of my left wrist. It sure puts a crimp in my knitting time! So no knitting has been done for 6 days!! and none expected to be done for a while.  :( 

Now to the weather.  We are expecting freezing rain late this afternoon into the evening.  It's looking like I won't be going out tomorrow, lol.
The good news is it will start warming up and be in the 60s by Sunday.