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Thursday, May 20, 2010

National Strawberry Picking Day!

It's National Strawberry Picking Day! Yum!!

Even though strawberry season is about finished here in Texas, today you should get out and pick some of those lushes berries. You can find good prices for the berries especially if you pick them yourself. And don't they taste even sweeter when you've done all the hard work to get them?

Besides tasting delicious, strawberries are good for you. They have vitamin C and are packed with flavonoids. The flavonoids in strawberries help with the "bad" cholesterol keeping it from oxidizing and damaging artery walls. And if that's not enough, eating strawberries help fight against cancer!!

More great info on strawberries can be found here. It includes a link to some interesting facts and trivia about strawberries. Can you imagine how many strawberries it would take to squeeze to get the juice just so you could bathe in it?! Would you want to??

Not only do I love eating fresh strawberries, whole or cut up, I love them dipped in chocolate! especially dark chocolate!! Strawberry jam is good, strawberry short cake is wonderful, and then there is strawberry pie, and the best? fresh strawberries on vanilla ice cream, yum! hmmmmm..... have to go get some more strawberries (I ate all the ones we had. That is also why there is no strawberry pictures.)

There are all kinds of recipes out there using strawberries. Betty Crocker, All, ... just google strawberry recipes, you'll get hundreds.

And for more Strawberry holidays, check out this blog. (you may have to scroll down for the list)

Hope you have a strawberrylious day!!


Ms. Knitpicky said...

Have you been able to find some you can pick here in town? We've been getting ours at HEB, but they're mostly on the tart side.

SusanB-knits said...

No, the closest one is Sweet Berry Farm 5 min. from Marbles Falls (south of Austin).
We did get some sweet berries from the commissary last week. And I've had some big and sweet berries from Albertsons.

Pom Pom said...

I grew up in strawberry fields. I had my first job picking them just after fourth grade. I attended annual Berry Dairy Day parades and consumed many bowls of strawberry shortcake. Still, my favorite is vanilla ice cream with piles of berries on top. Strawberry season comes in June in Washington State. I can't eat a strawberry without remembering the berry bus, the sticky, stinky strawberry stained work clothes, and pay day!

trek said...

My favorite fruit!