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Yarn seduces me with her siren call. "Pick me! Pick me!" I am hopelessly enchanted by yarn and am delighted by the endless choices.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Busy as a bee


March?!!  What happened to January and February?

It has been a busy two months.

I have been busy working, visiting with the grandkids, knitting, baking, doing needlepoint, and reading.

To catch you up...

I finished these Beaded Lacey Cuffs February 23rd.  They are as cute as I remember.
Mikado Knit Lace Cuff with Beads design by Cathy Campbell
Yarn: Katia Acuario (90% viscose, 10% plyamide), Green
Beads: Mill Hill size 6 color 16037 (80 beads)

Knitted madly trying to finish the Putting Holes in Happiness socks for the FGF (Fingerless Glove Fanatics) Sock Group on Ravelry.  I had January and February to finish them.  January I worked on the Blathnat socks and socks for a designer (finishing those socks the middle of February).  I thought, 'yes!' I can do this... finish these purple socks in two weeks.     HA!
As you can see, I didn't make it.  Instead I started and finished a fingerless mitt for the lys.  Then I had to start a pair for myself.

The one for the shop was done using Online Linie 33 Cosmo (70% merino, 5% cashmere, 25% polymide) in purple on US2/2.75m dpns.

For mine I'm using Online Linie 33 Cosmo in blue on US2/2.75m dpns.

The pattern is from Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders.

"Woven" Fingerless Gloves by Laura Hein Eckel.

The yarn is a dream to work with and gives great stitch definition.

 It may surprise you that I found a few minutes to work on my needlepoint.

My goal this year is to stitch a few Christmas ornaments.

So I'm starting with Santa.

 He may not look like much so far, but wait... he is a cute ornament.  (and I already have the next 6 ornaments picked out!!!!)

I've also been playing baking my own hamburger rolls and loaves of bread.
I don't have pictures of the hamburger rolls.  They were yummy!  I do need to practice on the shape though.
This loaf is a honey wheat and I think it baked a bit too long.  darn! I'll just have to make it again, lol.

To catch up on what I've been reading, check out my list of books here.

And now it is time for a cup of tea.   Won't you join me?


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
Sure, I'd love to join you for a tea and scone! I like your clear teapot. Beautiful knitting work you've accomplished of late. And your loaf of bread is a pretty sight...nothing like homemade bread, eh?

SissySees said...

Wow you've been productive! I'd love some tea and a scone, please and thank you.

lynn said...

You've been missed here- but it does sound and look like you've been busy in a very good way!

Daisy said...

I love homemade bread. Smelling it baking is one of my favorite things. You have been quite busy! All of your yarn projects look great.

Nancy said...

The crust is my favorite part of homemade bread, especially the heel.

kathy b said...


THe beaded cuffs are adorable, and THe purple socks are gorgeous who cares if they take awhile..

You knit for your lys?? Thats a great knitter if you ask me. I have to check out the sock yarn book as I am not familiar with it.
I Love my recycled bread was my dad's.

Janet said...

You have been a busy bee. Lots of pretty projects on the needles. I've added that sock pattern to my list.

Grace said...

If you are still pouring I would love some tea and scones, love your works and projects!

Katherine said...

Can I please come play at your house. You have been doing things that are a LOT more fun than what I've been doing. I also made scones last weekend and enjoyed them with tea and knitting.