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Monday, January 4, 2010

52 Books in 52 Weeks in 2010

I had so much fun last year with the Ravelry group, 52 Books in 52 Weeks, I had to join for this year.

So once again... the challenge is to read 52 books in 52 weeks. I'd like to challenge myself to double that total for 2010.

So check back later and see how I'm doing.

Books read in December:
92. Death's Excellent Vacation, Charlaine Harris, et. al., 12/19/2010
91. Bayou Moon, Ilona Andrews, 12/16/2010
90. Skein of the Crime, Maggie Sefton, 12/12/2010
89. Daniel X: Demons and Druids (audio), James Patterson w/Adam Sadler, 12/9/2010
88. Wicked Appetite, Janet Evanovich, 12/8/2010
87. merry, merry GHOST, Carolyn Hart, 12/6/2010
86. Roast Mortem, Cleo Coyle, 12/1/2010

Books read in November:
85. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (audio), J K Rowling, 11/30/2010
84. Bone Appetit, Carolyn Haines, 11/28/2010
83. Me, Myself and Why?, Mary Janice Davidson, 11/27/2010
82. Dark Peril (audio), Christine Feehan, 11/24/2010 
81. Ghastly Glass, Joyce & Jim Lavene, 11/21/2010
80. Harvest Hunting, Yasmine Galenorn, 11/18/2010
79. Never After, Laurell K Hamilton, Yasmine Galenorn, Marjorie M Liu, Sharon Shinn, 11/14/2010
78. Under Her Skin, Jeaniene Frost, Ilona Andrews, Meljean Brook, 11/12/2010
77. Wicked Weaves, Joyce & Jim Lavene, 11/11/2010
76. Night Myst, Yasmine Galenorn, 11/ 8/2010
75. Hunter Kiss, Marjorie M Liu, 11/7/2010
74. Time Raiders: The Seeker, Lindsay McKenna, 11/3/2010

Books read in October:
73. Time Raiders: The Seduction, Cindy Dees, 10/17/2010
72. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (audio), J K Rowling, 10/15/2010

Books read in September:
71. Entwined, Elisabeth Naughten, 9/27/2010
70. Marked, Elisabeth Naughten, 9/24/2010
69. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (audio), J K Rowling, 9/22/2010
68. Sketch Me If You Can, Sharon, Pape, 9/21/2010
67. Blackwork, Monica Ferris, 9/17/2010
66. Ghost Moon, Heather Graham, 9/14/2010
65. Night of the Living Deed, E J Copperman, 9/12/2010
64. One Hex of a Wedding, Yasmine Galenorn, 9/8/2010
63. If Books Could Kill, Kate Carlisle, 9/6/2010
62. Tomb With a View, Casey Daniels, 9/4/2010
61. Burning Lamp (audio), Amanda Quick, 9/2/2010
60. A Glimpse of Evil, Victoria Laurie, 9/1/2010

Books read in August:
59. Blood Born, Linda Howard & Linda Jones, 8/31/2010
58. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (audio), J K Rowling, 8/20/2010
57. Fired Up (audio), Jayne Ann Krentz, 8/10/2010
56. Ghost Night, Heather Graham, 8/9/2010
55. The Colorado Kid, Stephen King, 8/6/2010
54. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (audio), J K Rowling, 8/4/2010

Books read in July:
53. Death By Diamonds, Annette Blair, 7/19/2010
52. Ghost Shadow, Heather Graham, 7/18/2010
51. Holiday Grind, Cleo Coyle, 7/16/2010
50. Sizzling Sixteen, Janet Evanovich, 7/12/2010
49. A Witch in Time, Madelyn Alt, 7/8/2010
48. Where There's a Witch There's a Way, Madelyn Alt, 7/6/2010
47. No Rest For the Wiccan, Madelyn, Alt, 7/2/2010
46. Hex Marks the Spot, Madelyn Alt, 7/1/2010

Books read in June:
45. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (audio), J K Rowling, 6/30/2010
44. Hannah's List (audio), Debbie Macomber, 6/22/2010
43. A Wrinkle in Time, Madeleine L'Engle, 6/21/2010
42. A Cast-Off Coven, Juliet Blackwell, 6/16/2010
41. Glossed and Found, Yasmine Galenorn, 6/14/2010
40. Fang: Maximum Ride Series (audio), James Patterson, 6/13/2010
39. A Charmed Death, Madelyn Alt, 6/12/2010
38. The Trouble With Magic, Madelyn Alt, 6/10/2010
37. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (audio), J K Rowling, 6/8/2010
36. Feint of Art, Hailey Lind, 6/3/2010

Books read in May:
35. Dead in the Family, Charlaine Harris, 5/27/2010
34. Heart of Darkness, Gena Showalter, Maggie Shayne, Susan Krinard, 5/26/2010
33. Faefever (audio), Karen Marie Moning, 5/21/2010
32. Body Movers, Stephanie Bond, 5/20/2010
31. Dropped Dead Stitch, Maggie Sefton, 5/17/2010
30. Grave Secret, Charlaine Harris, 5/14/2010
29. Out of Sight, Stella Cameron, 5/10/2010
28. Must Love Hellhounds, Harris, Andrews, Singh, Brook, 5/8/2010
27. Finding the Dream (audio), Norah Roberts, 5/6/2010
26. The Iron Hunt, Marjorie M. Liu, 5/5/2010
25. Prom Nights From Hell, Meyer, Cabot, Harrison, Myracle, Jaffe, 5/4/2010
24. Fantasy in Death, J D Robb, 5/1/2010

Books read in April:
23. Inked, Karen Chance, Marjorie M Liu, Yasmine Galenorn, Eileen Wilks, 4/20/2010
22. Black Magic Sanction (audio), Kim Harrison, 4/28/2010
21. Naked Dragon, Annette Blair, 4/23/2010
20. Dead and Gone, Charlaine Harris, 4/21/2010
19. Out of Mind, Stella Cameron, 4/20/2010
18. Out of Body, Stella Cameron, 4/16/2010
17. The Seventh Witch, Shirley Damsgaard, 4/14/2010
16. Ghouls Gone Wild, Victoria Laurie, 4/13/2010
15. Bloodfever, Karen Marie Moning, 4/11/2010
14. Kindred in Death, J D Robb, 4/10/2010
13. Darkfever, Karen Marie Moning, 4/8/2010
12. Predatory Game (audio), Christine Feehan, 4/2/2010
11. Avenging Angels, Mary Stanton, 4/1/2010

Books read in March:
10. Bone Magic, Yasmine Galenorn, 3/30/2010
9. Nightwalker, Heather Graham, 3/18/2010
8. Kiss of Fate, Deborah Cooke, 3/11/2010
7. The Cereal Murders (audio), Diane Mott Davidson, 3/4/2010
6. The Quintessential Phase (audio), Douglas Adams, 3/1/2010

Books read in February:
5. Kiss of Fury, Deborah Cooke, 2/27/2010
4. Unbound, Kim Harrison, Melissa Marr, Jeaniene Frost, Vicki Pettersson, Jocelynn Drake, 2/22/2010
3. Blue Moon: The Immortals (audio), Alyson Noel, 2/22/2010

Books read in January:
2. Holding the Dream (audio), Nora Roberts, 1/8/2010
1. Daring to Dream (audio), Nora Roberts, 1/1/2010

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SuKnitWitty said...

Lets see 52x2=104...that's what the calculator says. When are ya gonna Knit? Oh, I see Audio counts! I'd like to challenge my self to read 104 pages of the Sue Grafton book L gave me Christmas day...maybe tomorrow.

Pom Pom said...

Sue's funny. Way to go, SusanB! I am planning on writing all my books on my "read this year" list, but I have so many going at once, the list doesn't exist yet! Happy reading AND knitting!

Janet said...

This is a terrific list. I've added several to my list for the fall reading challenge. I really need to check the audio list at my library.