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Friday, October 3, 2008

Is it Fall yet??

Our tempuratures had be cooler. If you consider 50 degrees at night and 80 degrees during the day cooler. I do! After surviving 105 degrees (and a couple of days higher) this summer, I was ecstactic over getting up to 60 degrees in the morning. It was wonderful! I could snuggle under the covers early in the morning until I made myself get up. And then, I actually put on more clothes! Yep, in the morning it was cold cool enough to wear socks!! I would sit wrapped up in a blanket and read my emails while sipping tea. Wonderful!

So what happened?! It has been hot, again, for the last three days! It is not even noon and is now 83 degrees! with temperatures climbing into the high 90s. And look:

no clouds. Just blue skies. yep, HOT.

And while I was out getting proof of hotness, I thought I'd share these:

Catus. There is plenty of catus here.

And Mesquite trees.

So there won't be any Fall Folige viewing here. Nope. None. I've been told Mesquite trees do not loose their leaves. They don't even turn colors!!

It has also been mentioned we might have cooler weather in November. What?! I have to wait for November for great weather?

Guess I'll be inside the air conditioning wearing my warm knitted socks.

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