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Yarn seduces me with her siren call. "Pick me! Pick me!" I am hopelessly enchanted by yarn and am delighted by the endless choices.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Seven Random/Weird Facts About Me

I've been tagged... by Dons_Mind

First time I've been tagged, so here goes:

1. I was born in Alaska before it was a state. It was a US Territory. What I remember about Alaska is trying to stick a bobby pin in the light socket to see what would happen!? And, getting splinters in my feet from running barefoot on the hardwood floors.

2. I was 1st chair flute all through school. And I still play the flute. I love music so I learned to play the guitar, fiddled around with the banjo, played the ukulele, and of course play the piano (not well anymore since I haven't been practicing). (Yes, I've been to "band camp")

3. I played Beauty in the local theatre group's musical production of "Sleeping Beauty." I had parts in other plays but this one was the lead! Of course my future husband hung around at all the time, just to make sure Prince Charming wasn't too charming!!

4. I won 1st place (blue ribbon) for a needlepoint piece I entered at the Sotterley Quilt Show. It was the first time I ever entered a piece to be judged.

5. I've been skinny dipping. Yep, shy me. I won't mention where in MO or who I was with (he knows)... It is definitely a great experience! I would put it on my "Twently Wishes" list or on the "Bucket List" if I hadn't tried it.

6. I am a Trekkie. Ok, I admit it. I have been a Star Trek fan since the beginning of Star Trek. I have a great collection of memorabilia that fills 18 plastic tubs (about 15 gallons each). I started out collecting comics, then trading cards, and it went on from there. Of course my family contributed to my habit. Yes, I am looking forward to the new Star Trek movie that comes out summer '09.

7. I have tattoos. Yep, as in more than one. Most of the time only one is visible. In the summer, three might been seen when I wear shorts and a tank top. So, yes, there are more than three...and yes, I have a new one planned (something with yarn).

So now I need to tag seven others... please forgive me.

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Otter said...

Yikes! Another meme? It's gonna take me a few days to think on this one.
I just wish I understood how to link on blogger.
Cyndye, aka fiberotter

LoriAngela said...

We have quite a bit in common. I went to university for theatre, but dropped out for nursing. I play flute, and my husband I watch a lot of Star Trek. We've worked up to DS9.
Nice to meet you through LNS.

SusanB-knits said...

LoriAngela, nice to meet you too! Always nice to meet fellow trekkers who knit too! I haven't had to play my flute in front of a large crowd for some time now. I'm sure my stomach would be full of butterflies!!

starzqalien said...

Fun blog ! Take care