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Monday, November 3, 2008

Sockdown! Nov has begun

Sockdown! Nov has begun and I am knitting the Mystery Sock. It is the first time doing any knitting "mystery." It will be exciting to see how the pattern unfolds as we knit it by following the clues.

Of course I spent hours deciding what colors to use from my stash which is very difficult when not knowing how the pattern will look. And I was trying not to buy more yarn (at this time). Our instructions were to choose a main color and two very contrasting colors. My first attempts were too close in contrast. And then a helpful tip from the designer, "look at a picture of your yarn colors in black and white," helped me better see contrasts.

Sadly my yarn stash is lacking in light color contrasting yarns. I normally stick to winter colors in dark blues, greens or burgundys. It would help to have more light color yarn and in colors that I would not normally buy. I ended up using the yellow/green yarn from my "heels & toes" sock club. So the next time I buy yarn I'll have to fill in that gap. (shopping! shopping!!)

Yesterday afternoon I printed the 1st clue and started:

The cuff of the Mystery Sock using:
MC = Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Potluck blues/purples (from the Simply Socks Yarn Company)
CCA = Tess Supersocks & Baby pink (purchased at Stitches EAST 2007)
CCB = sKNITches Limited Sock yellow/green (from the Simply Socks Yarn Company Sock Club)
Pattern by Debi Leshin

I am very please with the results so far. I am getting use to the yellow/green color (sort of) but it does look well for this pattern. I can't wait for the next clue!

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