Seduce: to win over; attract

Yarn seduces me with her siren call. "Pick me! Pick me!" I am hopelessly enchanted by yarn and am delighted by the endless choices.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

another sock...


But it is only one done. I love this pattern, Anniversary Sock by Nancy Bush. I like the way it turned out by changing the color on the cuff, heel, and toe but I bet it would look awesome done in a solid color. So added to my "to do" list is this pattern in a solid or semi-solid color. Perhaps in blue...

Here is a close-up of the sock pattern.

BUT, before I start the mate to this sock I'll be starting a Mystery Sock. Yep, it is finally Nov 1st and the Sock Knitters Anonymous group starts the Nov KAL. This sock will be the first mystery sock I've knitted. Actually it's the first mystery anything I've done. We get the first clue and can knit that far. Then we wait until the next clue is given out to continue. Sounds like fun!

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