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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809, in Hardin County, Kentucky.

We studied all the presidents when I was in school. Abraham Lincoln is my favorite. Out of all the papers and biographies I've read about him, there is one that sticks in my mind the most. It is the story about how he walked miles in the cold to return a penny to a customer who was not given the correct change. **Disclaimer: my memory can be foggy at times so it could be a few cents give or take.** But he was HONEST. So honest he could not stand the thought of cheating anyone. Honesty is one the highest qualities I like.

Something he and I have in common is the love of books. We both love to read and love learning. I read most anything. I've been known to read the encyclopedia at times when there is nothing else to read. I exchange (mail) books with two friends (FL and MO), my mother (MD), and both my daughters. (Abe was always borrowing books from neighbors) I am always open to learning new things (I'll even learn about old things renewed, redone, improved... oh sorry, got carried away)

He studied law and became a lawyer. Not me. I ended up in finance (budgeting). But, he went on to become our 16th President. I am CEO and CFO of my domain (hehe, yep, my home. Wonderful husband is President)

Lincoln fought to keep the south from seceding and splitting the United States apart. But war came.

I grew up around the Civil War battlefields of MD, VA, WVA, and PA. Some other memories I have is going to visit all these battlefields. We studied all about the war campaigns, saw dioramas, viewed relief maps, and even climbed through all the caves around Gettysburg, PA (which is no longer allowed).

He was the first President to be assassinated. He was assassinated by a man who thought he was aiding the south. It had the opposite effect.

Yes, you can tell Abraham Lincoln's life did have an huge influence on me. So today I wish him a Happy Birthday (another thing we have in common).

He was a great man.