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Monday, February 9, 2009

Sockdown! February

Kaibashira Sock:

One of the designers for the February Sockdown challenge is Chrissy Gardner. She has many lovely designs (her Ravelry link is here) but I chose Kaibashira. I have never done anything like the scalloped edge before. And the sock does not have the traditional ribbing for the cuff.

So part of my challenge was casting on 187 stitches on the dpn size 2.5mm! I thought I had read the pattern wrong. What?! 187!! What kinda sock am I making here? I know I usually cast on 64. So I read further down and saw where I would end up with 66 sts. Oh... ok, that's better.

So I cast on (twice) (wrong yarn choice the first time) and then proceeded. What a neat idea! taking stitches off the left needle over top of the first stitch. That is how it decreased and made the scallop! It was a challenge to make sure the stitches didn't fall off the needle before I got to them : )

The yarn is Knit Picks Gloss, color Cosmos. The true yarn color is dark like the first picture. I wanted you to see the scallops close-up but I think the flash lightened the yarn color.

You do know that this sock is not my only project going on, don't you? It just wouldn't be right to knit one thing at a time!

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Frasypoo said...

Its our brain!I have three ongoing projects !
I love this stitch and the color of the wool.Its beautiful.
Grandma crochets a lot too and for goody bags for every one at Christmas she crocheted dish rags