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Monday, March 9, 2009

Rainless Monday

We are having a warm front which has brought unseasonably warm temperatures. I didn't think I'd be seeing 90 degree weather in Feb. But it is Texas. And we do live on the edge of the desert. So I shouldn't be so surprised.

It has been dry here and they (the weathermen) are predicting an 80% chance we will not have rain. ha! do you like the way that sounds?! (My husband said it that way) It makes you stop and say, "hmmm" Then your brain sends the signal, 'o, you mean there's a 20% chance of rain'

But we never see any rain when there is a 20% chance so why say it? I guess they have to cover their butt just in case there are a few drops of the wet stuff. They are predicting a 50% chance of rain on Wed. I sure hope we get some because we need it!

On another note...

I thought I'd mention a few books I've been reading as part of
My girlfriend sent me a Beaufort & Company mystery by Mary Stanton (aka Claudia Bishop), "Defending Angels." A new series with ghosts and angels. Excellent first book! Brianna Winston-Beaufort moves to Savannah (the most haunted city in the world!) to take over her Uncle's law practice after his death. And her first client is a ghost!! It is not your usual ghost story mystery.

Next up, "Ghost of a Chance" by Yasmine Galenorn. I have read her Otherworld Series (excellent paranormal series) and was happy to find the first book in her Mystery Series which is a repackaging of the Chintz n' China Series. A very good mystery, also involves a ghost, but also some witchcraft. Emerald O'Brien owns a tea room and is known as the local witch. So she is not surprised to be awakened by a ghost asking for help. But she is surprised by what else shows up! It definitely kept me awake! I can't wait for the next book to come out.

Seven years ago I finally picked up a book by J. D. Robb (pseudonym used by Nora Roberts), "Reunion in Death." I was hooked! I had to go back to the beginning and read the first 13 books. My youngest daughter had been bugging me to read this series because it is set in the future and she knows I like sci-fi and mysteries. I don't know why it took me so long to start this series! The latest book, "Promises in Death," is just as good as all the previous books. You would think after 29 books, the stories would repeat. But not this series!! Even though you know someone is murdered and Eve Dallas has to find the killer, each story is it's own on the who, the why, and the how it is solved. I also like how some previous characters are involved in the story. And of course Dallas' husband Rouke is hot!! A definite must read.

Back to reading and hopefully to get a little knitting done.

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smariek said...

Good luck with the 52 book in 52 weeks thing. Must be hard trying to find knitting time if you're reading. I try to kill 2 birds by knitting to audio books.