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Friday, July 24, 2009

52 in 29 weeks!!

Woohoo!! I've reached the goal of 52 books in 52 weeks way ahead of schedule!

I finished book #52, "Devil May Ride" by Wendy Roberts, last night. I am w-a-y ahead of schedule. Am I surprised? well... sortof... I guess I didn't realize just how much I read.

"Devil May Ride" is the second book in the Ghost Duster Mystery series. I was not disappointed. The book grabbed me from the first chapter. I couldn't put it down down until I finished it to find out who done it. It is a paranormal mystery with lots of twists and turns. Sadie Novak is a professional crime scene cleaner and she sees and talks to ghosts. Sadie is asked to cleanup a meth lab and discovers evidence of a cult ritual. While that job is put on hold, she is asked to clean up a murder scene at a biker hangout. Stolen money is discovered and once again the police called. That job is put on hold. Somehow the two scenes are tied together, but how? More suspense, more discoveries, and ghosts (of course!). It is an edge of your seat read, a real nail biter!! Excellent book!

I am glad I found this author and highly recommend her books.

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smariek said...

Congrats on the 52 books! I could never read that fast.