Seduce: to win over; attract

Yarn seduces me with her siren call. "Pick me! Pick me!" I am hopelessly enchanted by yarn and am delighted by the endless choices.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Busy Day!!

SuKnitWitty came over and we organized my craft room.


After a full day of moving yarny goodness around... ta da...

My new toy! A Bond Knitting Machine

work tables

I still have some organizing to do (the closet). And I have to sort through my needlepoint magazines.

If you're looking for me... you'll know where to find me... I've got a date with a new knitting machine


Ms. Knitpicky said...

I am jealous; all of my knitting/crafting things have to hide in a closet for now. I love how you have all your knitting mags on a table. They're in sight and easy to access.

SuKnitWitty said...

Wow!!! What a Nest! Happy Knittin-NeedlePointin-Readin and BondaSusN. Luv my Poem Books.

SusanB-knits said...

Ms. Knitpicky, for many years I had a craft closet. Living here is the first time I've been able to have a craft room! I love it!!

smariek said...

Wow! I want my own neatly organized craft room too.