Seduce: to win over; attract

Yarn seduces me with her siren call. "Pick me! Pick me!" I am hopelessly enchanted by yarn and am delighted by the endless choices.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Ellie had her hair cut this week

The rose bushes had their "haircut" today

And I get my haircut next week.  It's a cycle... it'll all start over again. I'd let my hair grow long except it's so dang hot here

Ellie agrees, it's HOT!


Andrea said...

Ellie looks very pretty! And oh how I wish I could be like her: lounging by the pool. :)

SusanB-knits said...

I'd be out there but I burn so quickly! And it is cooler inside, hehe.

Anonymous said...

Ellie is pretty as can be! What a cutie. I had my hair trimmed yesterday and it feels so much better!

Pom Pom said...

Oh, I LOVE Ellie. She is the cutest little darling ever.

JelliDonut said...

I can't decide what to do with my hair but it needs something NOW. Maybe I'll take Ellie's photo to my hair dresser. She's adorable!

Jen said...

Oh Ellie is a doll baby!!!!
I am a short hair person-I've never been able to wear a pony tail.

Gretchen J. Manco-Eike Myers said...

Great photos, Susan! Ellie is my favourite...well, other than my own Lilly. =)

Have a great week!

Firefly said...

Cute Ellie! My poor old Buddy won't even go outside -- except for necessities ;-). Is your pool water staying cool? The pool here feels like a bathtub. Can NOT wait until fall!
Love those yellow socks! And the Hagrids are looking really nice. Can't wait to see the FO.