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Thursday, October 21, 2010


My favorite sport!

I can remember going to a baseball game with my dad. We saw the Washington Senators (boy does that date me!!)

Later I became an avid Atlanta Braves fan.  Mostly because my choices of teams to watch was them or the Cubs. Atlanta was way better! It was disappointing Atlanta waited until we went back over seas (so no television) to start winning. But their successful years were in the 90s. Which I did get to watch.

We have always watched baseball.  And we have managed to visit a few ball parks: Camden Yards, Turner Field, Kauffman Stadium, AT&T Park, The Coliseum, Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, and we even visited Franklin Covey Field a minor league park in Utah.  It would be nice to travel around and visit ALL the ball parks!

Which now brings me to how well (or not) the Rangers are playing. Imagine our joy and surprise when the Rangers won the ALDS against Tampa Bay. We were excited but knowing they would play the Yankees next, we weren't too hopeful.

They lost the first game. Boo!  But then redeemed themselves by winning the next game.  And then went to Yankee Stadium and won 2 out of the three there!! Yea Rangers! They are up 3 games to 2 over the Yankees for a chance to play in the World Series. They will be playing Friday night. Keep your fingers crossed they stomp the Yankees!  It's Time!

Oh...Did I mention I played fastpitch softball in my teens?  And I played second base on the Navy wives team while living in Italy (A split lip and stitches was the worst injury of that baseball career, lol)

p.s. I'm also glad the Giants beat the Phillies!


Anonymous said...

My husband loves baseball too and would be envious of the places you've visited. He grew up in Detroit and has memories of going with his dad to see the Tigers play.

I could never even throw a ball. I was pathetic. So glad you excelled and made many friends through the years with your fast pitching.

Andrea said...

I've always been a baseball fan. It's something about the grass and being outside and the sound of the ball hitting the bat (I don't like the aluminum bat in college baseball though).

Anonymous said...

Oh noooooooooooooo...not my Phillies!

We're bigger football fans than baseball, but considering how little good there is on TV, we became BIG baseball fans this year.


JelliDonut said...

Go Rockies! Oh. Wait. Never mind. Next year...

M said...

Rangers Rock!
Go Giants!