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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just in time...

...yep, finished just in time

St Brigid's Carnamoyle Stockings in Lion Brand Wool (worsted weight) color Midnight Blue

I finally have a pair of socks finished in time for the Solid Socks ravelry group. Yea! my name will be entered into the random number generator for a chance to win some sock yarn!! 

And, these same socks count with the YOSS group!
(a 2fer!! can't beat it!)  but there is no prize for this group. The object is to use up some of your stash.

Not only do these socks have a cool cable, they have heel, arch and sole shaping!

I have never done this type of shaping on a sock so it was interesting to try. Of course when you read the pattern you're like, huh?  I've learned you just have to do it.

So you decrease on the heel stitches at the same time as decreasing for the gusset.  After all the gusset decreases are done, you increase for the arch shaping.  This extra shaping really makes the socks hug your foot. Now I just need to figure out the math so I can do this shaping with sock yarn.

I wonder how many of my wip socks I can get done before February 1st?  The Solid Socks group start a new mystery sock in February, the YOSS (year of stash socks) start a new sock for February, and I haven't even checked Sock Knitters Anonymous to see what the sock is for February.

Decisions.... decisions....


The Yarn Sleuth said...

Congratulations, SusanB! I knew you could finish them!

Looks great!

Gretchen (YarnSleuth)

Anonymous said...

cool cool cool! Increasing for the arch! I've never seen much less done that before. I bet that makes for a nice fitting sock! So pretty - the color and cabling as well!

Gigi said...

Beautiful Susan! And I've never heard of arch shaping!?