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Saturday, August 13, 2011


The other night we had a sprinkle of rain.  I'm talking less than 5 minutes of the sky spitting on us.  It was just enough to make dirt spots on the car.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up to this...
...dare I hope it would get worse and rain?!

Yes!!! about 30 minutes later the sky opened up
Mr Gnome doesn't mind getting wet

It is still raining.  Why yes, I am surprised because of all the times we get spit.  I hope it rains all day.  Even though the rain barrels can't keep up.

The temperature is even cooler!  It is about 70 instead of the usual 106.  We are truly blessed with this wonderful rainstorm.


JelliDonut said...

Hooray! So glad you finally got some rain. It must be such a relief.

SissySees said...

We're at 75 with a few raindrops on the skylight. I'm hoping it will pick up and actually RAIN.

cpeezers said...

The rain looks wonderful! I love a nice rainy day!

Daisy said...

Good news! I'm glad to hear it. I hope it will bring some cooler temperatures for you.

Janet said...

Yea!! I'm so glad to hear you're getting some rain and cooler temperatures.