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Friday, March 9, 2012

Tea warnings?!

Tea is only fresh for a limited period of time. Avoid drinking stale tea and rotate the tea to ensure the oldest tea is consumed before fresher teas. Buying less tea can help ensure that you're not drinking stale tea.

Excessive consumption of tea can lead to interference with iron absorption.

Excessive tea drinking may stain your teeth. Be prepared to use whitening products if you like a white smile.

I'm not ignoring the warnings.  Oh no!  in fact I try to do my fair share of tea drinking to avoid drinking stale tea.  And I don't think I have to worry too much about tea interfering with my iron absorption.  Nope.  Don't have that problem.  Well, about the the third one, yep, it does stain your teeth.  But, isn't that why we go to the dentist?!



Anonymous said...

I probably do have stale tea. LOL I tend to buy a big haul and then use it over months and months. Guess I should curb my impulses and only buy a little bit.

As for the teeth --- oh well, the sacrifices we have to make for our tea. LOL

Have a great weekend.

SusanB-knits said...

Here's a great site where you can buy small amounts of tea at time

Grace said...

Adagio is literally 2 towns away from me, if I order before 3 I have it the next day, I have several blends on file there all named LovinComfort 1 2 and 3 I just got their once every 4 year tea Brigadoon Breakfast, after this I will just order the components and make my own. Adagio is my favorite, then Revolution and then I will drink what ever is around!!! Oh and I like my tea with a tiny bit of honey--no lemon no milk (unless its a london fog at starbucks)

Nancy said...

My tea doesn't have a chance to go stale, either. On average, I drink 8 - 10 cups a day, sometimes more.

Yes, my dental hygienist complains about the stains, but she gets over it. ;oD

SissySees said...

So true... but I still love tea!

Daisy said...

I drink just two cups a day, usually, so I think I'm safe. Nothing quite like a nice hot cup of tea to finish the day with. :-)

Looks like you fell in your cup there! Hope there's someone around to fish you back out. hahaha! Have a good weekend!

Gigi said...

Oh funny Susan! Those darn muggles find a way to take the fun out of everything, don't they?!

kathy b said...

you are a sweet tea~!