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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Road Trip to...

Buffalo Gap, Texas
13 miles SW of Abilene
79.4 miles N of San Angelo
Population 446 (Salute!!)
So named because of all the buffalo that passed through. A point on the great western cattle trail.

On a cloudy morning, SuKnitWitty, two of her school mates, and I headed north. We were on a mission... we were going to the Pottery & Gallery of Buffalo Gap. It was filmed last October by Texas Country Reporter, Bob Phillips and one of the girls wanted to visit it. Sounded like a good day trip to me! (I'm always up for shopping)

After many winding roads through mostly desert looking terrain (yes, lots of cactus) and a field of wind turbines (really cool to see!), we made it...
We met the owner and potter, George Holland, who gave us an interesting and educational tour of the art of pottery making throwing pots. Since I have never seen or even tried anything pottery like, I enjoyed learning and seeing how it is made from start to finish.

And by finish I mean finish!! George demonstrated how to use the Egg Cooker to poach an egg and also cooked an omelet. I was sold!! I had to have one of the Microwave Egg Cookers. (and the Apple Cooker sounded neat too so I got one). There were many other pieces that I would love to have from a wine cooler to bowls but I will save them for another trip.

Yes, I have tried my Egg Cooker and can highly recommend it! It is great! I love omelets. Then of course I had to try the Apple Cooker. Let's just say I've had baked apples and ice cream for desert every night... wonderful! (oh, and please don't tell my doctor, I'm sure he wouldn't want to know about the ice cream)

Next came lunch. We ate enchiladas and tacos at Lola's. Very laid back. Usually you go in back and order your food and then go back to get it. But since we were first timer's they brought us menus and served us.

After a filling lunch, we toured the Historic District...

the jail

the cabin
the store

where we stopped for some refreshment...
mmmm.... good root beer
A very enjoyable trip. I must've talked non-stop to Don about it when I got home!

It is well worth the trip to visit George & Wanda Holland's Pottery & Gallery.


SuKnitWitty said...

Great Pictures...Thanks for the RootBeer! Now how many times have ya'll had baked apples AND icecream? Fun Trip....we'll go again!

smariek said...

How can one not smile after making an egg in such a pretty Egg Cooker? I'd probably keep it on the stove so I can look at it.

Elizabeth said...

It looks like you had a wonderful trip. That pottery is gorgeous!!! Love the "old town" buildings.

Gigi said...

I do love a girl type road trip -- looks like much fun! Is Perrini's Ranch steak house still there -- haven't been in many moons.