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Monday, July 6, 2009

Water Babies

The grandkids came to visit for the holiday. They got here Wed night and even before they gave hugs they were sticking their feet in the pool. Next came the knees and slowly they eased into the pool (they thought they were being sneaky but I knew they wanted in the water!)
So while mom and dad unpacked the car, gramma and the kids were in the pool.

The next morning they got up and immediately wanting to go swimming! before breakfast!!
We made them wait a little while...

He liked walking around the pool and she put on the water wings and swam all over the pool!

Mom and Dad helped. The kids took some swimming lessons at the Y. They had to show gramma and grandpa what they learned.

They loved the pool and probably would have stayed in there the whole time but it was hot here!!

We had a good visit and look forward to when they come back.


Gigi said...

The only way to stand this awful heat is to get into the nearest body of water! I might be visiting you soon -- in my swimsuit ;-).


smariek said...

Beautiful grandkids. Kids are so cute when they want to show what they can do.