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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A-Maze-ing (socks)

Ta da!
I did manage to get the mosaic socks finished in time to submit for the Summer of Color contest!!!

I have never knitted a mosaic anything. Being me... I went to library and checked out knitting books about mosaic knitting. The charts are read different from the usual chart reading. The little squares on the side tell you what stitches are knitted leaving the black squares which are slipped. or is it vice versa?! It was definitely a challenge! I thought, hmmm.... maybe I won't knit mosaic socks for the contest. But then I had this lovely yarn, which is a dream to knit with, I had to give it a try.

So I dug through my sock books and found the pattern "Maze" in Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks. It was a good thing she had the directions written out along with the chart. I did find it easier to understand the written direction than trying to figure out the chart!

I made a couple of changes: I did a solid foot with a four round stripe near the toe instead of continuing the maze pattern down the instep. I also did a regular slip-stitched heel flap instead of the garter stitched edged heel flap.

Yarn used was Simply Sock Yarn Company Solid Socks in Blue Violet and Periwinkle. I bought two of each but only used 13 grams from one hank of Periwinkle and 66 grams of the Blue Violet. Enough yarn left to make something else! (socks, maybe??)

I used US 1/2.25mm dpns (my 9" circulars were in use on one of the other 5 pairs of socks I have in progress)

As soon as Allison at Simply Sock Yarn Company has the sock pictures posted for voting, I'll let you know.

It will be hard to decide which socks I like best, the mosaic ones or the striped ones.

You can find more pictures and information here on my Ravelry page.

Will I make another pair of mosaic socks?   maybe.

But I think I like knitting cables the best!


Andrea said...

THose socks look great. I wish I was better at knitting socks but I just don't have the patience yet.

CollectIn Texas Gal said... could lost wearin' those AhMaze-ing Socks! Such a great post with all the yarn info and those 'Spectacular Photos'! Great job putting it all together!

Pom Pom said...

YOU are amazing. So speedy!

SusanB-knits said...

Thank you all! It was fun to knit these socks.

Anonymous said...

Ah-maz-ing socks! Just beautiful.